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PROS-ESTRO Teaching Course in Paediatric Radiotherapy - 1-3 dec, 2019

We are pleased to remind everyone of the PROS-ESTRO Teaching Course in Paediatric Radiotherapy which will take place  01-03 Dec 2019 in Utrecht, The Netherlands The Course will include many topics of great interest to Paediatric Radiation Oncologist [...]
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SIOP Congress, Lyon 2019

The 51th Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP 2019) will be held in Lyon, France from: October, 23rd to 26th, 2019   The PROS educational session will be on October 23rd in the same venue.   Important Date to rememb [...]
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  Workshop Highlights: Great learning experience by case based and interactive discussion sessions with famous pediatric oncologic surgeons, and radiation oncologists and pediatric surgeons on neuroblastoma, wilms tumor, germ cell tumors and hepa [...]
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SIOP Global Mapping of Paediatric Oncology Services Survey

Click here to begin the Survey   We would like to invite you to join an exciting initiative, the SIOP Global Mapping of Paediatric Oncology Services. The main objective of this effort is to collect information via a survey on the current landscape [...]
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Tribute to Dr Giulio D'Angio

  On Friday 14 Sept, 2018 we lost a mentor, teacher, colleague and friend, Dr Giulio D’Angio - the Father of Paediatric Radiation Oncology. Our society was his dream. We and all of our patients are beneficieries of his pioneering work. Dr Christian [...]
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ESTRO Meets Asia 2018 07-09 December, 2018

It is with great pleasure that we announce the first edition of the «ESTRO meets Asia» conference which will take place in Singapore, 07-09 December 2018.    The «ESTRO meets Asia» conference has the objective to bring radiation oncology collaborati [...]
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45th ISOBM Congress (International Society of Oncology & Biomarkers)

The ISOBM 2018 Congress will take place in Hamburg, November 24-27, 2018. The Congress will cover many aspects of Clinical Oncolgy and Cancer Research. More information on    [...]
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First International Congress of Pediatric Radiotherapy of Hospital de Amor - Barretos, Brazil

  The Hospital de Amor held the first edition of its "International Congress of Pediatric Radiotherapy". The event, hosted by IRCAD Latin America on April 28 and supported by the Pediatric Radiation Oncology Society (PROS) - the largest organizati [...]
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ESTRO 37 - ESTRO-PROS joint session - April, 22 nd

ESTRO is an interdisciplinary society where radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiobiologists, brachytherapists and radiation therapists aspire to join forces with other organisations in the oncology field that share ESTRO’s vision of excell [...]
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Next PROS Congress in Bangkok - June 19-22, 2019

The next congress of the Paediatric Radiation Oncology Association (PROS) will be held in Bangkok from June 19th to 22nd 2019. More information on   [...]
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PBTW Cape Town 2017

The PBTW Workshop will be held on November 25th and 26th 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa. The theme of this meeting is Teamwork: The Key to Clinical Excellence in Paediatric Neuro-Oncology. More information on You cou [...]
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We would like to announce a new working group within SIOP-PODC called: Pediatric Radiation Oncology in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. This initiative stems from ongoing collaborations between PROS LMIC and SIOP-PODC.  We will use the Cure4Kids pl [...]
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Be a part of SIOP 2017 by adding your research to the scientific program. Submit your abstract here! Submission deadline: March 28, 2017     [...]
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PROS 2017 - New-York - 21 - 24 June

PROS 2017 will be held at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. [...]
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PROS position paper on paediatric RT now online

The PROS position paper on paediatric radiation oncology has been accepted for publication and is now online at The Green Journal. [...]
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SIOP 2016 - Dublin, October 19 - 22

Submit your abstract before April 5 [...]
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Nordic Proton Kids 2016

Save the date: 2nd Nordic Symposium in Paediatric Proton Radiotherapy to be held in Denmark. [...]
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Summary of the 2015 PROS Congress

Newsletter editor Edward Halperin has published a summary of the 2015 PROS Congress held in Ljubljana, Slovenia. [...]
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PROS 2015 - General Assembly

The Annual General Meeting (General Assembly) will be held in Ljubljana. [...]
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PROS launches new website

PROS is proud to present this brand new website! [...]