Introduction to PROS

Paediatric malignancies

Paediatric malignancies are a challenge for the radiation oncologist due to their rarity, the great variety of histological types, and the complexity of treatment concepts that undergo constant modification. PROS is the only internationally operating society for paediatric radiation oncology.

World-wide standard of excellence

The objectives of PROS are to set a world-wide standard of excellence with respect to radiation oncology aspects of the care of children and adolescents with cancer, to provide a forum for communication between radiation oncologists, and to exchange information with all involved in the management of pediatric and adolescent cancer.


Challenges include the need to promote education and support practice in LMIC as well as the cost of modern treatment technologies for these countries. Collaborations with other societies that include for example the education programmes provided jointly with ESTRO, and the upgraded technical platform of the PROS web site offer new possibilities to enhance the efficacy of PROS in education and support of paediatric radiation oncology practice world-wide.

It can be expected that PROS will be an important contributing factor in the improvement of management of childhood malignancies and that collaborations between PROS and other societies or organizations will ultimately lead to a reduction in world-wide health care inequalities.