PROS Newsletter - January 2023

Posted by Kelly WILL | January 19, 2023 - 17:38

Dear PROS members,

I would like to wish you a Happy and Healthy 2023!

As we reflect on the past year, the PROS community had several great accomplishments to celebrate: we succeeded in holding our first in-person congress in Essen, Germany, after a break caused by initial waves of pandemics. This congress made us joyful and appreciate the togetherness as a professional community dedicated to a common mission. The quality of scientific and educational presentations at each congress has been superb, confirmed by positive feedback.
PROS participated in several regional and international joint teaching activities, and many of you have contributed to joint papers, teaching guides, guidelines, etc. Your work and dedication are greatly appreciated!
PROS continued to grow our strong collaborations with SIOP, WHO, IAEA, ESTRO, ASTRO, and St. Jude Global. Many of you are actively engaged in important work that should have a lasting impact on the global challenges of treating childhood cancers.
We welcome new and returning officers for PROS Executive Committee who were elected recently!
In the future, PROS will strive to increase its impact by engaging more global members and broadening its educational and advocacy work for our colleagues and our patients.
I invite all of you to stay active and help support PROS in its mission.
PROS President,


PROS EC Elections results


The PROS Executive Committee elections took place on October 2022. The following positions were opened to application :
  • Treasurer – to succeed Geert Janssens
  • Allied HP – to succeed Susan Awrey
  • LMIC – to succeed Jeanette Parkes
  • Educational Chair – to succeed Mark Gaze
The PROS Executive Committee would like to thank all of those who applied to take responsibilities within the Committee, and the members who took part to the voting process.
The Executive Committee will welcome four new members :
  • Anne Laprie as Treasurer
  • Ingrid Fagerstrom Kristensen as Allied HP
  • Pauline Njoki Njiraini as LMIC representative
  • Yasmin Lassen as Educational Chair
They will assume their positions after the next assembly meeting in October 2023 that will take place in Ottawa (Canada).
OTTAWA SIOP 2023 :  Abstract submission is now open

The abstract submission for SIOP 2023 is now officially open. Get the chance to be included in the SIOP Congress program by submitting your research now.
You can submit your abstract by March 22, 2023.
Download it now on the dedicated platform
The next SIOP Congress will take place in Ottawa, and will be jointed with PROS. It will take place in Ottawa (Canada) from October 11 to 14 2023.

Program is under construction, PROS being involved within the Program Committee. For more information on the 2023 edition, please go on the SIOP 2023 website :

Essen 2022 
PROS Congress


The latest PROS congress, that took place from June 9th to June 11th in Essen (Germany), attracted 135 experts, mainly radiation oncologists, from around 30 countries who treat children with cancer from all over the world.

Most participants came from Europe, followed by North and South America, as well as Africa and Asia.

Among them were 62 PROS members, who benefitted from the rich exchange of knowledge, data, research and education. Feedback from the conference were very positive and confirmed that this edition was a success.

We hope the same for the Sydney Congress 2024  !


Barcelona SIOP 2022

The 54th annual SIOP Congress took place from September 28 to October 1, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain.

After two years of Covid-19, it was the first onsite congress, with a virtual access to some of the sessions. This 2022 edition was a big success, with a rich program, covering diverse topics and expertise. 

PROS had dedicated sessions during the Educational day, as well as Free paper sessions during the congress. All sessions benefited from a good attendance from participants.
ASTRO-PROS 2022 joint meeting 

The ASTRO meeting took place on October, 22 to 26 2022, in San Antonio, Texas.

This congress was also a great success, broadling focused on the topic “ AI & EI: caring for the patient in a wireless world”.

PROS participated in of this congress with a joint session on “Lessons Learned form Treating Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic”. The PROS President, Natia Esiashvili, and Daniel Indelicato, the PROS Educational representative for North America, participated to this session.

Both had  received enthusiastic feedback on this session from the audience, and the ASTRO committee. New PROS topics will be included in the ASTRO 2023 program.
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