PROS 2015 Congress - Ljubljana

June 24 - 27, 2015 @Ljubljana, Slovenia


The PROS Executive Committee met recently by Skype and agreed that we would hold our next congress in Llubljana in June 2015. The meeting will be hosted by Drs Lorna Zadravec Zaletel, Ana Lina Vodusek and Berta Jereb.


Ljubljana(population 273,554) is a small city by international standards and the capital of a small country,Slovenia(population 2,056,406) that bordersAustriaandItalyand is situated close to both the Alps and theAdriatic. The city itself is highly attractive with many restored historic buildings, small squares, and bridges over its river. A castle on a hill dominates the landscape. There are numerous shops, restaurants and bars.


The venue will likely be the Grand Hotel Union with its modestly-priced modern rooms and charming and elegant surroundings. The conference facilities within the hotel are very adequate for our purposes.


Ljubljana is easily reached by plane, rail and road from withinEuropeand there are many options for pre- or post congress stays.


We are confident that it will be a great meeting and hope to see you there.


Carolyn Freeman 
Lorna Zadravec Zaletel


More info on the congress page