For PROS members only: submit your application to host the next PROS congress in 2024 before May 9th.

The 8th PROS Congress in Essen is ahead of us (June 8th to 11th, 2022). During this meeting the Executive Committee will select a location for the 9th Congress in 2024. The members of PROS are encouraged to submit an application.


Depending on the number of submissions, applications will be selected for presentation during the PROS congress in Essen.


If you would like welcome it, please send us the proposal directly before May 9th 2022. For the application, the requirements of PROS have to be considered (details below and budget template here available)


Looking forward to receiving your bid book, and welcoming you in Essen


Yours sincerely,

 N. Esiashvili                                A . Paulino                             

President                                    General Secretary







The 2024 PROS Congress will be held independently of the SIOP meeting that year.   The exact dates have not been decided but will most likely be in late spring or early summer of 2024 (June is the best month).

This memorandum is to invite all PROS members interested in hosting the congress to submit a written proposal to the PROS Executive Committee.

PROS is an international society and its congress is an international meeting.  Thus the congress will be held ideally with a rotation among Europe, North America and other continents. 

The details to be included are described below.  These proposals will be circulated to current members of the PROS Executive Committee, who may be in touch with you if they have questions.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate that they have sufficient conference space available at a reasonable cost. An infrastructure of local organizers is also important. Easy access and relatively inexpensive accommodations are also desirable.

All candidates must be aware that the overall fiscal stability of PROS is essential and that their proposals will need to demonstrate that.

Any member wishing to act as a local organizer for a biennial Congress must submit a detailed bid to the Executive Committee (EC) for approval. The PROS Secretariat/ PCO analyses the bids and prepares a comparison for the EC. The EC then decides which venues will be presented to the membership. The EC will make the final decision. 

The General Secretary will give due notice of deadlines for submission. 

  • Please make your nomination known to the PROS Executive Committee.
  • Please send all requested information gathered in a bid book (Electronic) to the attention of the PROS secretariat before May 9th 2022.
  • The EC will make a pre-selection
  • PROS will always have the financial responsibility (meaning: no local financial enterprises) and therefore PROS is responsible for the congress budget 



Please include the following information in the bid in order to be considered: 

  1. Names, titles, position and resume (curriculum vitae) of the proposed Local Organizing Committee members. Prior experience of committee members in the organization of medical conferences is welcome. 

  2. General documentation on the city proposed as venue for the meeting such as: population, climate, safety, cuisine, infrastructure, cultural attractions, museums and activities, etc. 

  3. General documentation on accessibility of the city by air: direct flights to and from, frequency, airline company names etc. Documentation of accessibility by road and rail if relevant. General documentation on the nature and quality of available communication systems (phone, fax, mail etc.) 

  4. Brief information about the country such as: political structure and stability, economy and inflation rates, cost of living, infrastructure, diplomatic relations, legal requirements for entry, customs regulations, import/export of currency, taxes, tourist information, availability of government, state or city subsidies. 

  5. Specific documentation on the proposed venue: number and size of meeting rooms and exhibition area, floor plans, security, location, ownership, public transportation to and from, distance to downtown, distance to various hotels. Information on dates or periods of availability. The venue should be able to accommodate up to 200 participants. Information on additional meeting facilities (e.g., in hotels, in the hospital, other) within walking distance is useful. 

  6. Availability of "in-house" services of the venue such as: internet (wifi) in meeting rooms and guest rooms, audiovisual, simultaneous translation, business centre, bank, emergency medical facilities, post office, exhibit construction contractors, customs broker, etc. Information on restrictions in choice of the use of such facilities if other than those available "in house" are selected. 

  7. Availability of reliable agencies for housing, transportation, audiovisual services etc., either through city or state tourist bureaus or private companies. 

  8. Documentation on hotels: categories, price ranges, distance to conference venue, total number of sleeping rooms within walking distance, availability over the proposed congress dates. 

  9. Endorsements by local or national societies, local or national health authorities, scientific institutions, civil authorities, government etc., if any. 

  10. Possible financial support or guarantees from local or national governments. 

  11. List of medical conferences of similar size and duration that have been or will be organized in the same city and/or conference center. References or recommendation of the organizers of any such former meetings, if available. 


  1. Self assessment of safety within the location, region and country.


The bid book should be sent directly to the PROS Secretariat:





  • Established in 2005


  • BARCELONA - June 27-29, 2007 - 147 participants
  • MONTREAL - July 1-3, 2009 - 142 participants
  • VENICE - June 21-24, 2011 - 188 participants
  • LOUISVILLE - July, 9-11, 2013 - 111 participants
  • LJUBLJANA - June, 24-27, 2015 - 142 participants
  • NEW YORK - June, 22-24, 2017 - 174 participants
  • BANGKOK - June, 19-22, 2019 - 184 participants
  • ESSEN - June, 8-11, 2022 - Planned: around 150/200 participants expected