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Proferred papers (Thursday June 22nd)

  • OP1 - Dose Response for Veno-Occlusive Disease after Whole-Liver Radiotherapy: A Preliminary Report from the Pediatric Normal Tissue Effects in the Clinic (PENTEC) Group - Matthew Hall (USA)
  • OP2 - Differences in treatment-induced facial growth deformity between AMORE and EBRT for orbital rhabdomyosarcoma treatment in children - Marinka Hol (The Netherlands)
  • OP3 - Treating Posterior Fossa Ependymoma Using the University of Florida Brainstem Dose Guidelines: Early Disease Control Outcomes - Daniel Indelicato (USA)
  • OP4 - Do existing audiometric dose-effect models and risk factors apply to children treated with proton therapy? - Babita Jyoti (USA)
  • OP5 - Palliative Radiotherapy for Pediatric Patients: Acute Toxicity - Becky Lee & Karen Marcus (USA)
  • OP6 - Hypothalamic-pituitary dysfunction after radiation for brain tumors– a population based study - Lorna Zadravec (Slovenia)
  • OP7 - Implementation of Total Marrow Irradiation with helical tomotherapy; clinical experiences and report on organ sparing in pediatric patients - Jacob Engellau (Sweden)

Proferred papers (Friday June 23rd)

  • OP8 - Treatment Approach and Outcomes in Infants with Localized Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS): Analysis of Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Protocols ARST 0331 and ARST0531 - Julie Bradley (USA)
  • OP9 - Patterns of Failure with Proton Therapy for Head and Neck Rhabdomyosarcoma - Ethan Ludmir (USA)
  • OP10 - Impact of radiobiological models on the medical decision for proton and photon radiation therapy: average clinical data vs individual clinical data  - Pierre-Yves Bondiau (France)
  • OP11 - Incidence and Multimodality Predictors of Vasculopathy after Proton Therapy for Pediatric Tumors of the Central Nervous System and Skull Base - Matthew Hall (USA)
  • OP12 - Timing of Radiation Therapy for Parameningeal Rhabdomyosarcoma with Intracranial Extension - Ethan Ludmir (USA)
  • OP13 - Hypofractionated  radiation for pediatric diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG:) Younger children have better survival - Mohamed Zaghloul (Egypt)
  • OP14 - Proton beam therapy for ependymomas of childhood; early data from the prospective KiProReg registry  - Sarah Peters (USA)
  • OP15 - Local control and symptom outcomes following palliative intent radiotherapy in pediatric malignancy - Nick Madden (USA)
  • OP16 - Canadian patterns of practice for intracranial germ cell tumours in adolescents and young adults - Karen Goddard (Canada)